About Me

Since 1999, I have been building web applications, websites and software for businesses all over the World. With a good knowledge of different programming technologies and programming languages, I can turn my hand to any project.

With over 25 years of experience in Software Development, I possess extensive expertise in building, maintaining, and managing projects of various scales, alongside adept server management. As a Web Developer situated in Ceredigion, I have crafted numerous intricate CRM web development applications catering not only to UK enterprises but also serving businesses with a global user base. My responsibilities encompass ongoing maintenance and upgrades of these applications, involving daily interactions with complex datasets and large relational databases.

Along with the knowledge of software and hardware alike, I have worked on several automation projects and custom hardware builds that help businesses/homes automate technology from the touch of a screen.

Testament to my skills and knowledge is that the majority of my work comes from `word of mouth` and am highly valued by my customers and colleagues, with consistently good reviews and repeat custom.

Previous/Current companies and organisations I've worked with :-

* Hamburg Police Academy
* Barbados Immigration Department
* University of Wales
* Greater Manchester Police
* North Wales Police
* Wigan County Council
* Mother Mountain Productions
* Expost Ltd.
* Adventure Beyond
* Holy Cross Abbey

* Ty Pren
* HUTS Workshop
* Caffi Beca
* Brynawelon
* Newpark Holiday Park
* Colchester A1 Models
* Plus many, many more...