Slow Synology NAS drive speeds Explanation

Are you suffering from slow upload speeds to your Synology NAS Drive? Are you uploading remotely and taking ages to upload. Heres the reason why! Read on to find out why...

When were uploading to the NAS drive, we can see in the resource pane that the upload speeds are at 2MB/s. We also see this if we are transfering on a Windows machine, and Mac.

Why is it only uploading at 2MB/s

Well, it's actually uploading at the correct speed! The issue is the way we look at the values.

What do i mean by the values. Well, when we do an internet speed test, we get the results as 25Mbps. The Operating system displays the results as 2MB/s Notice anything in those 2 values!!!

The 25Mbps has a small "b" and the MBps has a Capital "B". This makes a huge difference.

Using a conversion calculator, you can calculate the actual speeds that your internet provider can upload.

  • Goto and run a speed test and let it complete.
  • Once complete, click the "Show more info" button and take note of the upload speeds.
  • Now, goto gbmb to convert the Mbps to MB and see what you get...
  • For my reult it is 2.5MB/s which is what Synology NAS Drive is showing.

I hope this was helpful and that you can figure out the real speeds that the NAS Drive is producing.