About Cloud Wales Web Development

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Hi, I’m Chris. I’ve been a Full Stack Web Developer since 1999, and am constantly building and hosting new websites and web apps. I enjoy learning new skills and have worked on several projects for small businesses and personal websites all over the World. I’ve also created some of my own micro projects which I have released on GitHub.

Some of my hobbies and interests include competing in triathlons where in 2017 I completed Ironman Wales, Ocean Lava and the Tour of Pembrokeshire, plus a number of other triathlon, running and cycling events in-between.

The Company

Cloud Wales is a freelance web development company based in Ceredigion that specialises in web design and web hosting.

Although Cloud Wales is relatively new, for the past 20 years I have been working on many projects for small businesses and personal websites alike. Constantly keeping up with the latest web technology by creating my own micro projects which I have released on GitHub.

Keeping it simple

Visitors do not like complicated busy websites. My work reflects my views which are to ‘keep it simple‘.

Keeping the way I code, the way I deliver my work and pricing, simple. All website designs provided by myself are search engine friendly, accessible, easy to navigate and visually appealing. My designs are cross platform compatible, so your website will be responsive using any mobile device.

It doesn’t have to be difficult

Offering services that are suited to your budget, regardless of the job in hand I am here to help. Whether it is a small bug on your website or you’re looking to build a fully customised CMS system of your own.

I have been developing new web apps, websites and also helping other developers build their web apps and am looking to the future to secure more work.

Website developers in Ceredigion
Chris Bowen
CEO Founder